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Vote Nader not Bush!

In respsonse to the Kerry bashing..sigh..I say vote Nader if your gonna vote Bush! But anyhow here is this cool guy that I meet today! At the Kerry camp as I volunteer to do my part. By the way we all vote today-unless your a Republican you can vote tomorrow! Okay kidding- I love you all equally as much as I hate you. But do for the hell of it go to

http://www.barrettzinn.com (you need to add the www, otherwise it won't work!)

And listen to "Banish Bush" among other cool selction from.

Banish Bush

(The sad and tragic story of our 45th and absolutely worst President ever, George Double-ya (that’s short for double yahoo) Bush, who squandered the nation’s honor as well as the national treasury in a grandiose bid for fame, power and canonization by the Evangelical Warriors Moral Majority society of Grand Forks, North Dakota)

Music and Lyrics by Barrett Z. Gross Copyright 2004

Our story starts down south in Florida

Where Double-ya and Albert Gore had

Battled to an electoral tie

His brother Jeb said we’re ahead

So we can’t count the votes again

In the Supreme Court Justice was denied

They wouldn’t look at hanging chads

Or butterfly ballots that had

The Jewish grandfolks vote for Pat Buchanan

By five-to-four they crowned King George

The people’s will had been ignored

America did not elect this man!

And now Iraq is such a mess

Like Monica Lewinsky’s dress

Our soldiers smoke wacky tabacky

Then rape and torture poor Iraqis

It’s time we Banish Bush

Chuck Dick Cheney

Run out Rumsfeld and stop the war

Banish Bush Trash John Ashcroft

What the hell are we fighting for?

First up on King W’s plate

Was lowering income tax rates

On billionaires, bigwigs and corporate thieves

Turn surpluses to deficits

And cut back social benefits

Then pay it off in 2093

When Muslim crazies hijacked planes

He blamed it on Saddam Hussein

And told the whole world lies ‘bout WMD’s

The fake terror war makes us forget

Osama is the real culprit

And Bush and Cheney pawns of the Saudis

Banish Bush Chuck Dick Cheney

Run out Rumsfeld And stop the war

Banish Bush Trash John Ashcroft

What the hell are we fighting for?
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